About the production

Our production from the beginning to design and build as the stone-working. Everything is left to chance. Machines in a workshop arranged so as to achieve maximum efficiency. As the conveyor. Absolutely all the equipment imported. Italy and Poland. This allows the production of very high quality.

We should also highlight the working conditions. Thanks to its own heating system, in the shop, even in extreme cold Karelian heat. And in the summer, thanks to the ventilation system, fresh and cool. Excellent living conditions for workers shop: clean and bright dining room, shower, etc. All this contributes to increased productivity.

I would like to tell you about the water purification system. Clean water is essential for all processes in the processing of stone. In the milling process is less clogging water pipes, which contributes to the cooling of the cutters. It is known that high temperature and the cutter body is bent, it becomes "small plates." As a result of this geometry is disturbed products. In the polishing process clean water greatly reduces the possibility of scratches. But this is not all the benefits of the system. Also, this system allows us all the time to use your water, do not buy it, and it is reducing production costs in general. Another plus is that, thanks to this system, water treatment, we do not spend time on the water pumping sludge and slurry. A is at least one day per week. Instead, we continue to work 24/7.

For more details you can see our production at the photo gallery and 3D tours have been laid out on our website, as well as personally visiting our production.

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